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Live Activities - 1.0.5


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  • Live Activities - 1.0.5
  • Live Activities - 1.0.5
  • Live Activities - 1.0.5


Live Activities - View your live activities from your lockscreen - inspired by iOS 16!

Apple added a new cool feature on iOS 16 (IMO) called "Live activity" where you can view live activities from apps such as sports scores, your food delivery progress or live location of your taxi driver. of course I could not provide all these since Apple released a new API for apps developers to use which does not exists in older versions, so I did what I can with (currently) 6 different modules. I also added an interface for most of the modules where you can communicate with the live activity module that is currently showing on your lockscreen. these modules are:

  • Alarm Clock- once you have an active alarm clock, the tweak will calculate the nearest alarm you have and show that to you with a countdown timer. you can turn off the shown alarm right from your lockscreen. once turned off, the tweak will execute a new calculation to retrieve your next alarm if any, and show that to you live.

  • Timer- Once you will activate your timer from your CC or your clock app, a countdown timer will be presented on your lockscreen. you will be able to Pause/Stop this timer from your lockscreen as well.

  • Music- once you will have an active music playing, a module with music will appear where you can pause/skip to next track/move to previous track. this will hide the original music player as default but it is configurable from settings.

  • Events- once the tweak will recognize you have events for today - he will create a scrollable module where you can see all your events for today. very useful!

  • Reminders- if you have set reminders with time, you will see that inside your live activity module. also, you could scroll between all your current reminders.

  • Stopwatch- when you will activate your stopwatch, a new module will be created on your lockscreen showing the current progress of the previously activated stopwatch

  • All modules are scrollable. which means that if you have more than 2 modules activated, you can scroll between them with ease. you can disable what module you don't want to see, and also change the configuration and color aspects of almost every button inside these modules.

  • You get to choose out of 2 different styles of views:

    • Notification Stack- this means the live activity view will be your top notification, while all notifications goes below that view.

    • Floating view- Where you can adjust the position of that floating view to the position you like. by default, when starting to scroll your notifications, the view will be hidden so it wont disturb you in this case.

  • Live preview is available! when choosing the floating view, you can present the position right from your preferences without needing to respring first.

  • Many more small options that this long enough post cannot contain.

Support: iOS 14 and above

This tweak contains thousands lines of code. I have been working on that for over a month. probably the biggest tweak I ever released. Some bugs may occur even though it was tested edge to edge with many beta testers, but if you do encounter a bug, don't worry, it is all fixable. Get support atMy Twitter!


Fixed a nasty memory leak that caused random resprings. thank you for the users reported this.

Fixed preferences for submodules not being saved on non rootless




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iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16

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