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CCAdsBeGone - 1.1


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  • CCAdsBeGone - 1.1
  • CCAdsBeGone - 1.1


CCAdsBeGone - Customized Ads Blocking At Your Fingertips.

CCAdsBeGone was created to support rootful jailbreaks, and it empowers you by adding a control center module, enabling you to disable ads on demand. This smart tool leverages the power of the hosts file to block known ad-serving domains, ensuring a clean, uninterrupted online experience.

If you feel you are getting ads on certain specific services, you can upload your own hosts file from the internet. You can always go back to the default tweak's hosts file if you need to - just head over to the tweak's preference pane.


  1. Install dependency: LetMeBlock - sileo://package/ - from

  2. install the tweak from this repo
  3. add your new toggle to control center
  4. thats it!

Once installed, you will need to add the new module to your control center. just head over to the control center options on your iPhone, and add your new toggle. that's it! you should be ready to go.

Note 1 - if you are using mybloxx ad blocker, you will need to remove it's profile from your settings, reboot your device and rejailbreak. this is the only way you can remove the changes of the profile. make sure you don't have any other ad blocking mechanism.

Note 2 - This tweak should support any jailbreak tool from iOS 12 to iOS 14

Note 3 - if you turn on the CCAdsBeGone while your desired app is running, it is required to relaunch the app so changes will take affect

If you need any assistance or have a request - just reach me out on Twitter - Twitter




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iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14

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