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Bubble Apps - 2.1.5


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  • Bubble Apps - 2.1.5
  • Bubble Apps - 2.1.5
  • Bubble Apps - 2.1.5


Bubble Apps - Your favorite apps - a click of a button away

Bubble Apps is a new free-style way to have your apps anywhere you want on your iPhone. once you created those bubbles, you can drag them to ANY position on the screen, and choose which screens will contain those bubbles. it was carefully made with a lot of user-driven experience in mind and gentle touches of love.

With Bubble Apps you can:

- Drag any app that is installed on your iPhone to any spot around your screen.

- Use one-touch Siri (tested and confirmed - fixed that right before the release)

- With the in-app options (long-press gesture on one of the bubbles) you can:

- Hide/blacklist options (from within any app) it will be easier for you to hide your bubbles and choose where you wish to see those bubbles for quick-switch, and ofc where you don't. choosing the hiding option will hide your bubbles from thecurrent app you are on right now until respring, and the blacklist option will permanently (until turned off in settings) will hide the bubbles from that app so it will not interrupt you within the apps you want (e.g - Netflix, PUBG, etc).

- Lock the bubbles - you can lock the position of your icons and have them just lying there waiting for your fingers to touch them.

- Save your bubble apps current position - say you positioned your bubbles in a killer angle at your lockscreen and you want to save that? long-press a bubble - and hit "Save position".

- Auto positioning - When the bubbles are unlocked, they will re-center themselves when you will rotate your device if they will be in the unreachable area (for example - the bottom line in your iPhone X or if you have little11). this won't happen if you will lock your bubbles before rotation.

- Show ONLY in lockscreen - will place your bubbles only on your lockscreen and nowhere else.

- Bubble dimming is controllable, it's your choice whether you want to see the bubbles at its glory or you want it to dim a little after a few seconds.

- Stick to sides - VERY experimental feature will stick your bubble to the sides, just like the assistive touch button (but still not ;)).

- Alignment options - for OCD jailbreakers out there

Notification badges on your bubbles

You can also customize your bubbles a bit, choose the shape of it (currently 2 options available), and your bubble frame color (more coming soon!)

Your bubbles will be a bit transparent after you are done with them (a few seconds after), so it will not hide the content beneath.

Most of the changes do not require respring.




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iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16

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